• Advanced students learn to apply technology from visiting artist: Jimmy O'Neal

    Art IV is a sequential course, designed to build upon prior art learning experiences from Art III. It is based on National Standards. Students will have opportunities to work independently and collaboratively on creative assignments. Students will work on independent assignments by contract area per semester as well as assigned lessons in design, painting and other specialized media.
    • Studio projects and lettering assignments will be completed primarily as class work.
      Altered-book and Art History research assignments research assignments will be required as homework.
      Studio and Altered-book assignments will be graded by criteria listed on the rubric.
    • Students will receive extra credit for returning rubrics and progress reports with a parent signature.
    • 6 hours of Alteredbook work will be due each quarter. Student work will be checked periodically, and extra credit will be given for work turned in by the suggested deadlines posted in the art room.
    • An Alternative assessment will be given at the end of each semester for an Exam grade. This alternative assessment will consist of a self reflective portfolio review following the steps of Art Criticism and is located on this website under 'Grading Policy'. The assessment is based on the completed work contained within the students portfolio. Each student is responsible for keeping up with his or her own work.
      All artwork within student's portfolios with the exception of pieces chosen for display and exhibition, will be available to be taken home at the end of each semester. Portfolios not taken home will be subject to points taken off a student's final quarter grade.
    Students enrolled in Art III or IV Honors will receive more information in class about their additional assignments in order to fulfill state requirements.