• *Encourage your child to read.  Students can read more than books.  Encourage your child to read magazines and the newspaper when appropriate.  New games and toys are great opportunities for children to read.  When your child gets a new game, encourage him/her to read the instructions and to explain to everyone how to play.  When toys or other things come with directions for assembly, encourage your child to assist with the reading of the directions and assembly when appropriate. 
    Work with your child to prepare a book to read to a sibling or other important person in your child's life.  Have your child read a recipe to you while cooking.  He/She will take great pride in having a hand in a great meal.
    *Encourage your child to keep a journal.  A journal can be as simple as two pieces of construction paper stapled with notebook paper inside.  It can also be a spiral notebook.  Don't pressure your child to share his/her writing.  As students become more comfortable with writing, they are likely to share what has been written with you.  A journal kept at home brings less pressure since it is not graded.  Student's spelling can improve due to asking how to spell words used in the journal.
    *Use the internet.  Children love to use the computer.  The computer can be a great aide in improving math, reading and writing.  The school web page  has suggstions for students and parents.  Always preview and assist students on the internet. 
Last Modified on March 24, 2016