• Ms. Miller’s Classroom Procedures and Expectations


    ·        Unpack book bag

    ·        Sharpen two pencils

    ·        Complete morning work

    ·        Check over homework

    ·        Read an book

    First 15 minutes of Class

    ·        Listen to school-wide announcements

    ·        Take care of any housekeeping items

    Attendance: Class attendance will be taken once the tardy bell rings at 8:20am. Any student entering the class after this time must have a pass from the office to be admitted

    Bathroom: The class will take a restroom break before attending specials and following lunch and/or recess. Students will be allowed to go to the restroom on an individual bases in cases of urgency. When a student leaves for a restroom break separate from the class he/she will:

    ·        Only be excused during independent and group activities. NOT during any instructional or teacher-lead period

    ·        Excuse him/herself without asking

    ·        Sign-out on the clip board located near the door

    ·        Take a hall pass

    ·        Sign-in upon returning to class

    Supplies: Students are expected to remove all supplies from book bags and place them in the desk at the beginning of the school day. No student will be allowed back in book bags or purses.


    ·        Make sure you have homework

    ·        Straighten out your desk

    ·        Put up your chair


    ·        Door  holders: Holds doors in hallway that needs to be opened during a class transitions

    ·        Line leader: Leads the class in the hallway and sets the pace of the transition

    ·        Bathroom monitor (2): Makes sure that the bathroom is kept clean during class visits. Informs classmates when the next stall is available. Informs the teacher of any housekeeping issues I WILL ASSIGN THE HELPERS DO NOT ASKS!!!!!

    Homework:  Homework should be completed every night to reinforce materials covered in class. Homework will be reviewed as a class to assess the students understanding. Students will use different colored pens when checking homework.

    Trash: All trash is to be placed in the trash can during independent and group work time ONLY.

    Need Assistance: Students are encouraged to ask the teacher for assistance. This should only take place once all instructions have been given. During lessons and guided practice the teacher will pause to allow for questions about materials being covered

    Finished work first: If a student finishes assignments before the remainder of the class he or she should

    ·       Complete any unfinished assignment

    ·       Read silently at desk

    ·       Read silently in the reading area

    Last 15 minutes of class

    ·       Place all homework assignments in agenda

    ·       Distribute any home-school communication materials

    ·       Gather personal items

    Paper Heading Format





    Turning in Work: An assigned student will collect all papers at the conclusion of the lesson period. The collected papers will be placed in the basket for the subject areas.


    Grading System

    ·        Test- Major test will be graded

    ·        In-class Assignments- In class assignments will be given a percentage grade. This assignment will be given after the appropriate teacher instruction and guided practice.

    Grading Scale

    ·        A: 100-93

    ·        B: 92-85

    ·        C: 84-77

    ·        D: 76-69

    ·        F: Below 69

    *Disrespectful behavior towards classmates and disruption of the learning process will not be tolerated