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    • CFNC.org 
    • FAFSA - Financial Aid Resources
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    11th Grade Planning Timeline
    checklist Adapted from www.cfnc.org

    Fall Semester

    • Maintaining your grades during your junior year is important!  Colleges put a lot of weight on your grades for this year
    • Review your transcript with your school counselor.
    • Be sure you're challenging yourself academically.  Colleges will consider the level of difficulty of your courses - you should seriously consider Honors, IB, and AP courses to be best prepare yourself to be a successful college student.   
    • Now is a great  time to focus on you and your career and college research.  Visit websites such as www.cfnc.org, www.collegeboard.org and www.cappex.com to start your college search process. 
    • Stay involved in school and community activities.  These activities describe your interests and your willingness to contribute to your school and your community.  
    • Research the admissions requirements for the colleges you're interested in. Do your research, and be sure to find out about any additional requirements on top of GPA and test scores



    • Register for PSAT Test Testing date: October 25, 2023
      • Cost = $18
    • Remember that when you take the PSAT in your junior year, the scores will count towards the National Merit National Scholarship Qualifying Test (and is great practice for the SAT).   
    • Start a file for college catalogs and other admissions information.  
    • Look for college information open house dates at any schools in your area you may want to attend.   


    • Take the PSAT if you registered for it this month. 
    • Narrow your list of colleges to include a few colleges with requirements at your current GPA, a few with requirements above your current GPA, and at least one with requirements below your GPA. 
    • You and your parent(s) may want to visit the colleges and universities during spring break and summer vacation so you don't have to miss  school.  Many colleges host JUNIOR Visits in the Fall and Spring.


    • October PSAT scores will be available this month - study your scores- how can you improve before the SAT? 
    • Sign up for free SAT test prep at Khan Academy
    Spring Semester
    • When choosing your senior year classes, look for classes that will give you a strong transcript.
    • You'll also want to look for classes that will fit your college program or major plans. 
    • Consider looking for a summer job or internship.  Not only can you earn money for college, you can also learn valuable skills.


    • Start preparing for the school based ACT test to be given at Parkland in early March
    • Continue with your campus tours online or in person
    • You want to be narrowing down your list of potential colleges. 


    • Take the February school day ACT - this is an excellent opportunity to WOW colleges with your scores- BE PREPARED for this FREE test! 
    • Test prep here: ACT ACADEMY 
    • Research the requirements of the colleges you're interested in to learn about admission profiles, deadlines and tests required.


    • Take the March SAT exam if you registered to take it this month.



    • Prepare for and take the May SAT if you registered for the test. 
    • Secure your teacher recommendations NOW!  Talk to teachers before leaving for summer break!
    • Continue development of a personal statement or respond to these application essays from the Common Application
    • Think about what you would like to include in these and politely ask your teachers if they can help.   Complete a Senior Brag Sheet (look on the SENIOR information webpage to download) to give to those teachers

     Summer Between Junior / Senior Year  

    • If you can, volunteer, intern, or work part-time.  If possible, look for an experience that fits your career or major goals.  
    • Continue to develop your personal statement / application essays and review the application procedures for the colleges you plan to apply to.
    • Complete your Brag Sheet  it is due September 1
    • Decide if you are going to apply under any early decision or early action programs.  The early calendar means you will need to get your applications completed and submitted early, typically between early October - November of your senior year. 
    • Put DEADLINES on your calendar (electronic or paper) and be aware of what you need to do and when. 
    • Read your college email and reply to schools of interest. 


     Did you miss our meeting for Juniors & Parents concerning the college planning process?               
     Here's the ppt:  College - One Step at a Time
    This presentation gives a lot of valuable information about beginning the College Search:  Class of 2018 College Information PPt
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