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    The coursework is based on the North Carolina Common Core Essential Standards.  It will introduce you to the world of marketing and help prepare you for the marketing roles of business both large and small.  This course allows you to discover how marketing works and impacts your life on a daily basis. The projects for this class will focus on extended coverage of business marketing and marketing management.  Additional focus will be on the ever immerging global economy and the impact it has on the 21st Century.  This is a fast paced course which will challenge students by combining marketing and business strategy. 
    Course Objectives Marketing:
    • Understand marketing, market planning, and foundation of marketing information management.
    • Understand customer relationships, foundation of quality assurances, and selling.
    • Understand product/service management, pricing and channel management.
    • Understand promotion and intermediate uses of marketing information.  
    Course Objectives Strategic Marketing:
    • Marketing, Buying Behavior, and Marketing Research
    • Products, Pricing, and Promotion
    • Logistics Management and Global Marketing
    Marketing, 3rd Edition / Edition 3 by James L. Burrow, Jim Bosiljevac

    The textbook utilized is MARKETING 3E.  This text introduces you to the foundations and functions needed to successfully market goods, services and ideas to consumers. While you study business foundations, economics, selling, human relations, communications, distribution, promotion, product planning, and pricing, you will also see marketing as a career choice from a "big picture" perspective.  



    1.) Are scheduled to take assessments surveying their knowledge and mastery of skills as specified in the North Carolina CTE Essential Standard.
    2.) Should attempt each question/prompt on the assessment.
    3.) Should bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils (for paper-pencil assessments) 
    4.) Should use school issued/approved graph paper, if applicable
    5.) Will be provided information regarding the use of calculators during the administration of NC CTE assessment.
    6.) Should not bring extra blank paper, dictionaries, reference books, textbooks, cell phones, mp3 players, cameras, smartpens, music, thesauruses, or computers to the assessment site.
    7.) Will be informed of any local and state policies regarding the use of assessment results.

    CTE Facts   
    • 71% of students in North Carolina took a CTE course.
    • 90.2% of CTE students graduated from High School. 
    Course Syllabus 
    Click on the link below to access the course syllabus program of study.
    Syllabus Principlesof Business.docx  
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    August 2019 Updates

    This video was presented during our Global Economy and 21st Century review.
    Canada is the number one (1) largest trade partner of the United States.  Please click on the link below to view 
    Animoto video featuring Canada - Great Partner to the North.


    This video was presented during our Global Economy and 21st Century review.
    China is the 2nd largest trade partner of the USA. 
    Please click on the link below to view the Animoto video featuring China - Old & New.



    Student Logan Harper submitted this for her Wizard of Oz project on Wednesday 2-27-13.

    This is an example of excellent work!  Logan is a very hard working and creative young lady.  Great job Logan Harper!  Logan is currently in "SEM" Sports & Entertainment Marketing and has continued her academic excellence.  I'm so proud of Logan and know she will do great things next year in college.   
    Keep up the Great Work Logan! 
    Student Bradley Flanary submitted the following Wizard of Oz Project.
    Click on the link below to view an example of excellent work!  
    Great job " Young Mr. Flanary"!  
    Keep up the great work! 
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