• Volunteer in WS/FCS

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools offers a number of programs for people interested in volunteering and helping students reach their goals.

    If you're interested in helping to raise the on-time graduation rate of students in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, consider one of these programs. Additional information about each program can be found at www.graduateitpays.org.

    • Ninth-Grade Mentors Program-Administered by Big Brothers/Big Sisters: This program targets repeat ninth-graders who would benefit from the friendship and guidance of a caring adult. The Big Brother or Big Sister meets with the student for at least 1 hour per week on-site at the school to help the student improve their self-esteem and confidence. Case managers professionally support the match, speaking regularly with the volunteer, the child, school personnel and parents as needed. The mentoring relation can transition into a traditional Community-based match if all parties agree.
    • Senior Academy: Mentors develop a one-on-one supportive relationship with a 12th-grade student including academic progress support and post secondary preparedness.  Administered by the W-S Chamber of Commerce, this program targets seniors who are in jeopardy of not graduating.  The mentor meets with the student for at least 1 hour per week on-site at the school. An individualized Graduation and Career Plan sets student goals and guides the interaction.  School guidance counselors and Chamber coordinators support the match. 

    If you would prefer working with younger students, consider one of the following programs.

    • Corporate Volunteers Program: Administered by the W-S Chamber of Commerce, this program assists non-proficient kindergarten students in Equity+ schools to achieve grade-level proficiency in math and reading by the third grade. Volunteers work one-on-one or partner to serve a student for one hour a week on-site at the school.
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters: Elementary school students are recommended for the program by their parent or guardian.  Volunteers meet with the student for at least one hour per week outside of school hours and receive the same support from the BBBS staff.

    If you or your business/organization would like make a financial gift to support mentoring programs, we also would be very appreciative.

    You can express your interest in volunteering by downloading this form, filling it out, and faxing it to Jennifer Cobb at 721-2209.