• Fifth Grade Teachers (Look up email addresses)
    Erin Goliszek
    Aneya Ilizastigui Matos
    Stephanie Miller
    Raine Saunders
    Maria Seas
    See our Speas Global IB Programme of Inquiry Here and check out the 6 Units of Inquiry we will be working on during the school year. Approximate dates are included, but may be adjusted as the year goes along.
    Fifth grade expectations: 
    As upperclassmen, you are expected to show leadership through modeling appropriate behavior for the rest of the student body.  You must be responsible for yourself to complete all work to the best of your ability, communicate from school to home, and practice skills learned at school to reach mastery.
    Over the summer, read at least one good book, watch weather forecasts, make sure you have memorized all multiplication facts through the 12 times table and can quickly recall individual multiplication facts, spend some time exploring the various genres to determine what most interests you, keep a of summer activities, trips and thoughts.
    Below is an overview of what your child can expect to learn in fifth grade:
    We will continue to build on literary skills by reading more challenging texts with stronger vocabulary. Students will be asked more rigorous questions that will require them to refer to the text, provide explicit facts and summarize. 
    • Build vocabulary
    • Word structure
    • Genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama)
    • Story Elements
    • Text Structure
    • Inferencing
    • Compare/Contrast
    • Text Features
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Place Value through the thousandths decimal place
    • Multiplication by up to two-digit numbers
    • Division by up to 2-digit divisors
    • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mixed numbers and fractions,
    • Geometry
    • Measurement
    • Graphing with an emphasis on coordinate graphing
    • Genetics
    • Ecosystem
    • Weather
    • Heat Transfer
    • Matter
    • Force and Motion
    • Human Body Systems
    Social Studies
    • Analyze the chronology of key events in the United States
    • Understand the role of prominent figures in shaping the United States
    • Understand how human activity has and continues to shape the United States
    • Understand how a market economy impacts life in the United States
    • Understand that personal choices result in benefits or consequences
    • Understand the development, structure and function of government in the United States
    • Analyze life in a democratic republic through the rights and responsibilities of citizens
    • Understand how increased diversity resulted from migration, settlement patterns and economic development in the United States
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • • 1 box 24 crayons OR 1 box of washable markers OR 1 pack of colored pencils
    • 4 dry erase markers
    • 4 highlighters (different colors)
    • 2 packs of pencils
    • 1 pencil pouch with zipper
    • 10 glue sticks
    • 4 wide-ruled composition books
    • 4 solid-colored pocket folders
    • 4 1” 3-ring binders
    • 2 5-subject spiral notebooks (wide-ruled, tab dividers)
    • 3 packs wide-ruled paper
    • 1 pack 3x5 index cards
    • 1 book bag with no wheels
    • 1 set ear buds
    • 2 boxes of tissues
    • 1 hand sanitizer

  • Please consider donating the following items to your child's class:
    • Multiplication and division flash cards
    • Sticky notes (all sizes)
    • Kleenex
    • Paper towels
    • Spiral notebooks
    • Pencils
    • Pencil cap erasers
    • Glue sticks
    • Baby wipes
    • Ziploc bags (all sizes)
Last Modified on June 23, 2023