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    Teen Court
    In the YWCA Teen Court Program, Juvenile First Time Offenders are given a chance to turn their lives around and avoid
    a future criminal record.   The program conducts court every other week, for approximately ten months per year at the Forsyth County Courthouse, and is designed to lessen the load on the Juvenile Court System.  It gives practical legal experience to students who are interested in law, and helps young offenders get back on the right track.   Youth/Student Volunteers  from Forsyth County Schools devote their time and effort to help the Teen Court Program accomplish it's goals by serving as Attorneys, Bailiffs, and Clerk of Court.  Youth First Time Offenders are referred to the Program by the arresting Officer or the School Resource Officer.  They are chosen to have the oppertunity to participate in the program, based on the nature of the crime committed and the circumstances surrounding it.  In each case, guilt has been admitted by the defendant, who has agreed to abide by the sentance of the Teen Court jury.  Sentances can include activities such as:  Community Service Hours, Skills and Education Seminars, tutoring, jury duty session at other teen court proceedings, a letter of apology to injured parties, personal apologies, and jail tours.  The jury determines an approproiate and constructive sentance based on the facts in each case.  This is a great program.   Teen Court would not exist without many dedicated volunteers.  Law Students from the Wake Forest School of Law also volunteer to help with this program.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, Please contact  Kent Tyson at (336) 722-0597.
Last Modified on January 25, 2012