• What is the Paisley Pipeline?

    The Paisley Pipeline is the best way for you to know what's going on at Paisley. Pipeline emails are sent weekly or periodically when news and information needs to be shared by the PTSA and school administrators. From volunteer requests to important dates, you'll always be in the know thanks to The Paisley Pipeline!  

     Sign up today for The Paisley Pipeline by sending an email to paisleyib@gmail.com. Did you sign up but aren't getting the emails?  First - check your "spam" or "junk" folder.  If the Pipelines are not there, please sign up again by sending an email to paisleyib@gmail.com.  Occasionally, emails get bounced back to us as  "undeliverable" or may have been designated as "unsubscribe".    

    To view recent Paisley Pipelines, click on the link below: