• Occupational Preparation Classes
     Mrs. Reszel
    Spring Semester 2015 
    Third quarter went very well with the 10-12th graders going off to their CBVT jobsites. Work evaluations showed that everyone is on-time, dressed and ready to work!
    The Freshmen have been earning school-based hours by delivering the school mail daily and participating in the weekly school recycling program. I am very pleased with the work ethic demonstrated by all of the students!
    Fall semester went very well on the CBVT jobsites, as well as the Satellite Program. We had our 2 seniors working competitively at Wake Forest University and The Special Children's School. This semester, the Juniors and one Sophomore will be going out to CBVT for job skills. They are assigned to Papa Murphy's, Papa Johns, and T.J. Maxx. I am very proud of the workers display of responsibility and hard work.
    Mrs. Fix will be replacing Mrs. Doub as our Transition job coach this year. She will be coming to Reagan on Thursday 8-28-14 to share this year's CBVT assignments with the Juniors. They will begin work in a couple of weeks and will be going out 3rd period Monday-Thursdays, Fall semester. 
     Spring Semester 2014
    Students are now off to their Spring Semester job sites. Seniors, Juniors and 2 sophomores will be learning valuable job skills and work habits. Please remind your CBVT student to be dressed each day Monday-Thursday ready for work. 
     Fall 2013
    Students are continuing their job sites from 1st Quarter and are doing a great job! Most everyone is doing an awesome job in coming to school with a clean uniform and a great attitude to learn job skills! Thank you for your ongoing support in this!
     Students began CBVT and The Satellite Program this week! Thank you for the prompt return of all of the paperwork! Students are working at Harris Teeter, TJ MAXX, Papa Murphy's, Bagle Station, and The Special Children's School. Please help your sudent to remember to clean their uniform. Thank You for your support!
    We will begin our Community Based Vocational Training (CBVT) in a couple of weeks, as well as work at The Special Children's School. I will update this page when we have all of our work assignments.
    (Occ. Prep 4)The Seniors have been busy working at Graylyn, Wake Forest University and The Special Children's School, and are earning high marks for their job performance. I am proud of their steady progress and their "I Can!" attitude! They are representing Reagan HS very well!
    (Occ. Prep 2) The sophomores (CBVT) are doing well at Inductries for the Blind and are developing effective job skills for the future!
    (Occ. Prep 3) My 2 juniors are doing a great job earning school-based hours through the school mail and an office internship!
    This semester, our Sophomores are participating in CBVT at IFB (Industries For the Blind) in the morning. Some of our Juniors are participating in CBVT 3rd period at Brighton Gardens.
    Most of our Seniors have begun their paid employment through the Satellite Program. They are working at WFU, Graylyn Conference Center, and The Special Children's School.
    3 of our Seniors have secured paid employment at local business.
    At this time, 3 of our Seniors have already earned all of the required work hours for Graduation! We are looking very good! Congratulations to our Seniors!!
    School-Based Hours are really adding up for the freshmen! They are doing a great job with school-mail, PAES LAB, and InScentive Candle Shop!
    We will be going to Costco for a tour of the facilities and then on to Hanes Mall for lunch and some Christmas browsing! I will be sending home a permission slip next week. The trip is set for
    Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.
    Everyone is working hard to earn their hours for graduation! The freshmen class do an OUTSTANDING job helping in the mailroom everyday as well as participating in the PAES LAB and InScentive Candle Shop. So...everyday they have the potential to earn at least 1.5 hours of school-based hours!
    The upper classmen continue to go out to CBVT job sites Monday through Thursday
    and are doing very well.
    CONGRATULATIONS to J.P., who now works at The Special Children's School, 4 days a week and is earning a real PAY CHECK!!!! We are so proud of him!
    Please remember to send in field trip permission forms for the Dixie Classic Fair. We will be leaving Reagan at 9:00am and returning before 2:00pm. Please refer to the form for details about lunch. Students are welcome to bring a lunch or purchase a meal at the Fair. There are $3.00-$4.00 meals available from the firefighter's booths. Students will not ride the rides but may bring money for games and purchases.
    Please note: there will be NO CBVT on Wednesday, 10-03-12
    1st Period, we have 5 freshmen, 5 seniors and 1 junior.

    The seniors and junior will be starting CBVT Monday Sept. 10, 2012. They will leave by 9:00am and return around 11:15am. Jobs sites this semester include Bagel Station, Graylyn Lowes Foods and TJ Maax. Please make sure that your student has the proper uniform and that is is clean and wrinkle free everyday. Students will go out Monday-Thursday the rest of the semester. If your student is sick or has an appointment and needs to be absent, please make sure that they call me at school so that the job site will be notified.
    The freshman will be earning school-based work hours by participating in the PAES Lab, school mail program, and recycling on Fridays.
    We are off to a great start to the new school year and I am excited about good things to come! Please feel free to contact me at 336-703-6776 if you have any questions or concerns. You may also email me at lpreszel@wsfcs.k12.nc.us