AR 5131.1

    Discipline on School Buses

    VI. Code of Bus Conduct

    A. Conduct at the bus stop

    1. Students will arrive at the bus stop in adequate time to catch their bus. If the bus leaves too soon or too late, this fact should be reported to the principal.

    2. Students will wait for their buses at the location designated by transportation division personnel.

    3. Students will not stand or play in the street while waiting for the bus.

    4. Students will report any acts of misconduct at the bus stop to the principal.

    B. Conduct when boarding and leaving the bus

    1. Students will board and ride only the bus to which they are assigned unless a change is authorized by the principal or area transportation supervisor. Requests for temporary changes in bus assignments should be made in writing to the principal.

    2. Students will not enter a bus while it is parked on school grounds without the permission of the principal or area transportation supervisor.

    3. The only adults allowed to ride a school bus are the driver, the monitor, and other persons as approved by the principal.

    4. Students will not board the bus unless the driver or a school official is present.

    5. Seating on the buses should take place from the rear of the bus to the front unless seats are assigned by the driver, principal, or principal’s designee. No holding of seats by one pupil for another is allowed.

    6. No student shall be allowed to stand or ride in the area beside the driver’s seat or in the step well.

    7. Upon arrival at school, students will move from the bus to their homerooms or assigned areas in an orderly manner. Upon dismissal of school, students will go directly to their buses and board in an orderly manner.

    C. Conduct while on the bus or en route

    1. Students will obey the bus driver.

    2. Students will take a seat and remain seated until the bus stops at the student’s destination.

    3. Students will keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus at all times.

    4. Students will not throw any object off the bus at any time.

    5. Students will not engage in any activity that might distract the driver’s attention, such as shouting, fighting, throwing objects about the bus, or moving up and down the aisle while the bus in en route.

    6. Students will not damage or deface the bus in any way.
    7. Students will not eat, drink or use tobacco products or controlled substances on the bus.

    8. Students will conduct themselves in the same manner as they would in class and will give the bus driver the same respect that they give their teachers.

    9. Students shall not bring on or possess on a school bus weapons, gasoline, explosives, drugs, alcoholic beverages of any kind or any other objects that are prohibited on public school campuses in accordance with the policies of the Board.

    D. Punishment for misconduct on the bus

    1. The principal has the same authority and responsibility to discipline students for misconduct on the bus as he/she has to discipline pupils for misconduct at school; including the authority to suspend bus-riding privileges, and to suspend from school.

    2. Parents will be notified of their child's misconduct on the bus in the same manner as if the misconduct had occurred at school.

    3. In the event a student is suspended from riding the bus, he/she will be given the same due process as if he/she were being suspended from school.

    — August 1992


    School Policy Regarding Bus Conduct


    The following guidelines will be followed regarding bus conduct.


    First offense                             Warning, seat change

    Second offense                         Seat change

    Third offense                           3 day bus suspension


    For older students the following applies. Younger students may go back to the start after the 3 day bus suspension.


    Fourth offense                         5 day bus suspension

    Fifth offense                            10 day bus suspension

    Sixth offense                            Bus suspension for the remainder of the year

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