Extra Credit
          In an effort to help concerned students improve their grade in Social Studies I will allow them to complete extra credit assignments.  Keep in mind though that extra credit will only be accepted if the student has turned in all of his or her class assignments.  This is designed to help those that want to achieve. It is not for students to make up work that they didn't want to do.
          The main goal of these extra credit assignments is for the student to realize that the world is bigger than the Kernersville/Winston-Salem area.  Hopefully they will begin to understand that we are part of an ever-growing global community and that events around the world, whether they be positive or negative, can have an effect on us and our lives.
    1. The student should read or watch a news article.  This can be any news article that is currently running in the news,  they do not have to be strictly Social Studies related. 
    2. The student should then write a 3/4 page summary of the story that they have watched on TV or read from the newspaper/news web-site.  Each summary that he/she submits will be worth 5-10 points based on how well they have written their summary.  The summary can include why the student was interested in this article, what effects the story could have (either locally or globally) and the personal opinion of the student about the article.
    3. The source of the story that they have watched, or read, (ie.  WXII12, FOX8, Winston-Salem Journal, CNN.com) should be included in the summary as well as the date of the article.  I must be able to verify the story from the source given. 
    4. Extra credit for any given quarter must be turned in to me a least one week before the end of the quarter.
Last Modified on September 3, 2014