• Graduate. It pays.  
    • 30% of 9th graders in WS/FC Schools will not graduate.About 800 high school students drop out every year.
    • A dropout earns 32% less than a high school graduate. A dropout is only qualified for 12% of available jobs.
    • A dropout is 3.5 times more likely to be in jail or prison than a graduate; 80% of prisoners are high school dropouts.
    • A dropout is more likely to be in poor health, on public assistance and the single parent of a future dropout.

    We must do better. Graduate. It pays. partners believe that the entire community can, and must, help our students succeed.
    We invite you to join us.

    Find out how we plan to prevent the next 800 dropouts.

    Let's make a difference, one student at a time.