• Name: Mrs. Reszel
    Subject: English 1 and 2 (Freshmen and Sophomores)
    Contact info: Mrs. Reszel at lpreszel@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Welcome to OCS English 1 & 2
    In English, we have been working on Parts of Speech, as well as Author's Purpose, Reading Comprehension and Reading Decoding Skills. We enjoyed learning about O. Henry and read "20 Years Later". Because O. Henry is known for his plot twists, we have had many opportunities to develop our prediction skills as well as understanding inferences.
    This 1st Quarter we will be working on the "Authors Craft", by identifying the author's purpose, tone, and style. Students will also continue to improve their reading comprehension skills as well as written expression skills. We are also going to work on the basics of grammar, such as parts of speech, sentence structures and word meanings.