• Study Guide for the Test

     if you need extra help to practice the writing portion come by after school on Wednesdays.

    Write the following on another sheet of paper in Spanish

    1.       Write the greetings and leaving in Spanish.

    2.       Write down all the days of the week.

    3.       Write the months of the year.

    4.       Write down the four the season and all of the expressions that are used for weather.

    5.       What is in infinitive?

    6.       How do you make sentence negatives in Spanish?

    7.       How would you express agreement and disagreement?

    8.       How do you talk about liking and not liking something?

    9.       What are the definite and indefinite articles?

    10.   List the subject pronouns Spanish-English.

    11.   Write the conjugation for hablar.

    12.   Write a list of classes and adjectives to describe them.

    13.   Write the conjugation for the verb to be ESTAR and SER and list the uses.

    14.   Write the different location prepositions.

    15.   How do you make nouns and adjectives plurals?

    16.   List classroom objects.

    17.   List foods and drinks.

    18.   How you say that you love something.

    19.   Write down the conjugation of BEBER and ESCRIBIR.

    20.   What are the plural forms of articles?

    21.   What are some activities to maintain health?

    22.   Write the different place names.

    23.   Write down the questions words.

    24.   Write the conjugation of ir.

    25.   Write the different family relationships.

    26.   Conjugate the verb tener.

    27.   Write down adjectives to describe people and things.

    28.   Write down items in your bedrooms.

    29.   Write the conjugations forms of DORMIR and PODER.

    30.   Write down the rooms of the house.

    31.   Names household chores.

    32.   Write the forms of present progressive-tense for AR, ER & IR verbs.

    33.   Write down vocabulary for clothing.

    34.   Write down vocabulary to talk about shopping.

    35.   Write down the all the forms of PENSAR, QUERER & PREFERIR.

    36.   Preterit of regular AR verbs. (go to my website, look for link to practices verbs)

    Here is a link to practices all the verbs.

    Writing practice:

    Write a letter to a pen pal begin by introducing your self. Tell him or her name, where you are from and your age. Describe your self in detail using several adjectives to describe your physical appearance and your personality. Also tell your pen pal your likes and dislikes.  Then tell him or her about 3 of your family members, their personalities and physical traits, as well as their age. What they like and don’t like to do and how often?

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