German Day 2015
    9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

    The New Stuff:

    Every year, usually in March, German classes from across the state meet at a university or college and compete in a variety of events. All of these events are connected to the German language. I'm proud of my students; they won 4 awards (West 3, Tabor 1):
     2014: Dusty Uhrig/Quentin Teta, Mt, Tabor, 1st place, Level 1 A Capella ("Wrecking Ball" in German!)
    • Isaac Harding, Ryan McSwain, Mazen Sheta, Grayson Kivett, West: 1st place, Song & Dance, Level 1/2
    • Rayanne Holton, Trista Maurer, West: Honorable Mention, Song and Dance, Level 1/2
    • Daniel Kobet, West: 3rd place, 2D Art
    At the moment, I only know of the next German Day's location. I can, however, leave the information from last year's festivities: 
    German Day 2014
    March 5, 2014
    Wake Forest University
    9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
    German Day 2014 Logo 
     The winning t-shirt design
    The information is on the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German. For the big picture, go to this link:
    A few more specific items:
    Level I poem:
    Level II poem:
    Level III poem:
    Karaoke song options:

    • Fettes Brot - Echo (2013)
    • Adel Tawil - Lieder (2013)
    • Sportfreunde Stiller - Applaus Applaus (2013)
    • Cro - Einmal um die Welt (2012)
    • Laing - Morgens immer muede (2013)
    • Die Toten Hosen - Tage wie diese (2012)

    Admittedly, I don't know any of these (yes, I'm old). I'll have to hit YouTube and take a closer look.

     The winning t-shirt design from German Day 2013.
    The event took place at UNC-G, and the theme was "Deutsch ist Handy!"
    (It's a play on words, as "Handy" is also the German word for cell phone.) 
    So what IS German Day?  
    German Day is a day-long competition between German students across the state of North Carolina. It is sponsored by the NC chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), and it is hosted by a different college or university each year. Students will compete in a variety of events, such as:
    • poetry recital 
    • skits
    • Karaoke
    • extemporaneous speaking
    • art contests
    • poster contests
    • Kultur-Pokal ("Culture Cup:" like "Jeopardy!," but focuing on German history and culture)
    • and more
    Emphasis is placed on proper use of the German language and knowledge of German culture. For more information, here is the website for last year's German Day. The location changes every year, but the competitions and rules usually stay the same:
     I plan to attend this year (my 8th in a row), bringing both Mt. Tabor and West's finest. All grades and levels will be represented. There is much at stake, as we have to keep our (okay, my) streak alive. Every year since 2009, my students have won at least one award:
    • 2009: Paige Woods and Erin Kochy, Level I song, first place
    • 2010: Erin Kochy and Paige Woods, Level II song, first place
    •                 -Bo Kane, Spelling Bee, second place     
    • 2011: Bo Kane, Scott Robinson, Turner Williams, Kultur-Pokal, 2nd place
    • 2012: Dalia Namak, Level II poem, Honorable mention
    • 2013: Dalia Namak & Tyara Scott, 1st place, Karaoke
    •             -Jemma Johnson, 1st place, Photography :)
    •             -Taylor Hall, Corinne Miller, Honorable Mention, Level I song   


    Of course, that mentions nothing of the other students who spent a lot of time preparing for the event. They deserve recognition as well. I would like to take credit for the above, but the students work hard drawing, learning, memorizing, honing their pronunciation, etc. It's their glory; I'm just glad to say that I helped a little.
    I have some specific rules and a method for preparing for and going to the event:
    • Early in the school year, we will decide who wants to focus on which events. We will then work on them occasionally until German Day. Of course, we won't have the poems, Karaoke songs, and the theme until they're announced. We can, however, work on events such as songs and Kultur-Pokal. 
    • As time allows, we will work on German Day events in class. However, if we fall behind, we'll have to prepare outside of class.
    • If you want to go to German Day, you have to participate in at least one event (Scavenger Hunt doesn't count!)
    • I am limiting the number of students who can enter the Art, T-shirt, & Photography contests. Sign-up for these events will be first-come, first-served, with preference given to students in the German Clubs (membership has its privileges!)
    • Since we will have more than the allowed number of T-shirt, Art/Photography, and Poster entries, I will invite another class, either another German class or another class, to judge the designs. The winners will go with us to German Day:
    •          the top 3 posters
    •          the top 6 Art/Photography works
    •          the top 5 t-shirt designs
    • This is a fun event; however, the learning and use of the German language and culture is the primary reason for the trip.  This is for a grade! Some rules I expect you to adhere to:
    •          there will be a timetable for your projects. You will be expected to show me your progress by certain dates. If             your progress is unsatisfactory, you will not go to German Day.
    •          If I think at any point that your work will reflect badly upon me or upon the school, it is not going, and neither are you.
    •           If you are not using your alloted prep time wisely, you will not go.
    • The above rules may sound draconian, but I have had bad experiences in the past with the above behaviors. Also, I do not want anyone to reflect badly upon me or the school. You'll find that a lot of the other schools take German Day very seriously; so do I. Have fun, but do your work.
    • Students going to German Day will receive a grade for their work. Those who do not go will receive other work to do when their classmates are working on German Day material.
    • I am expected to bring chaperones on the trip. Depending on class size, I will expect each class to provide 1 or 2 chaperones. If we do not have enough chaperones, some students will not be able to go. I will decide whom on a class-by-class basis. I don't want to do this, but we have to follow the rules.
    • The trip is not expensive; last year, t-shirts cost $8 (optional), and registration was $2 per student (mandatory). You will be responsble for your lunch. You may bring it or buy it at the Uni; I recommend buying, because you won't have to carry anything around. If money is an issue, please see me. I can make arrangements for you to attend.
    • Money for the trip will be due 3-4 weeks before the day of the event. If I do not receive your money by then, you do not go. If you pay, but decide not to go afterward, money will not be refunded.

    Wake Forest
    I know that this seems like a lot to take in; however, it is my only field trip of the year.  Also, you'll find that most teachers and students take German Day very seriously. You don't want to be embarrassed. Experience has taught me (and my students!) that there is no better feeling than being invited to sing your first-place song before a packed auditorium; there is no worse feeling than falling flat on your face because you didn't prepare the way you should have. Actually, I think being the teacher of such a student, watching the collapse in front of colleagues and parents is worse.......