•  Reading for Enjoyment

    Reading is a fun way to spend the summer!  Read a wide range of genres, fiction and nonfiction, and any book that interests you.  Have children read aloud to siblings. Parents should read with their children and discuss how to choose books for themselves.

    Increasing Skills
    Reading during the summer is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary. Reading different types of  books increases fluency.  Read nonfiction books as well as picture books.  Reading introduces you to new people and places! Pictures books often are models of excellent writing.
    Consider these authors:  Marc Brown,  Susan Stevens Crummel, Pat Hutchins, Steven Kellogg,  Herman Parrish,  Brian Pinkney
    Consider these authors
    Bea at Ballet    by Rachel Isadora                                                          
    Mouse was Mad  by Linda Urban                                                                
    I Spy Fly Guy!  by Tedd Arnold

     Sports Dream   by Paul Orshoski


    Birds   by Kevin Henkes


    The Matatu  by Eric Walters


     Two Bobbies   by Kirby Larson

     Looking Closely Inside the Garden by Frank Serafini

     Pictures from Our Vacation   by Lynne Rae Perkins

    Summer Beat   by Betsy Franco

     Dos in Charge   by Kelly Going

    Dragon is Coming!    by Valeria Gorbachev

    Tacky Goes to Camp   by Helen Lester

    Painted Dreams   by Karen Lynn Williams


    Homer   by Diane De Groat

     Chato’s Kitchen   by Gary Sotol

    Summer Sun Risin  ’by W. Nikola-Lisa

    Surfer Chick

    by Kristy Dempsey


    Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!

                by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace


    Chelsea’s Chinese New Year

                by Lisa Bullard


    Let’s Go to a Baseball Game

                by Mary Hill


    Lucky and Squash

                by Jeanne Birdsall