• North Carolina Uniform Bylaws for all PTA units Bylaws

    On June 25, 2010, the NCPTA Board of Directors unanimously approved Uniform PTA Bylaws for local PTAs. These bylaws were accepted by each individual PTA unit and effective starting the 2011-2012 school year.  
    Highlights of the new bylaws are:
    • An easy to read format including a table of contents 
    • No more renewals
    • Meets a good standing requirement 
    • Officers and Board of Directors duties and terms are outlined  
    • Establishing annual membership dues 
    • New meeting option 
    • Standing Committees are outlined (i.e., Audit, Nominating and Advocacy) 
    • Financial Management 
    • Each PTA unit can personalize their bylaws by adding Standing Rules that do not require full membership approval when amended. 
    Important Requirements of the bylaws and PTA:
    • Officers' terms are for one year.  A person may only serve two consecutive full terms (or two years) in the same office.
    • "Co" officers are not allowed.  Only one person can serve in each of the officer roles, and one person cannot serve as more than one officer.
    • The PTA board must include the following members:  President, Vice President*, Secretary, 
      Treasurer, Principal rep, Teacher rep, Advocacy Chair, Audit Chair, and Nominating Chair.  The board should also have a Student rep (if PTSA) and up to three at-large members.  *Units can have one or more Vice Presidents, but additional VPs should have separate roles and titles such as Finance VP, Programs VP, etc.  Additional board members are allowed but units are encouraged to keep the board to a reasonable number for quorum purposes.  Chairs of other committees are not required to serve on the board.  
    • All board members must be members of the PTA before participating in meetings or PTA activities.
    • Each unit must hold at least three regular general membership meetings every school year.
    • At least three officers must have check signing authority.  All purchases by the PTA must be made by check and signed by at least two unrelated officers.  A person cannot sign a check made payable to herself/himself.  
    • The Audit committee should conduct monthly reviews of the financial records of the PTA.  
    Download a blank copy of the Uniform Bylaws: