Fun at School
    The first day of school is often harder for parents than children!  Much of what happens on the first day depends on the approach taken by the family in the days leading up to that magical time.
    When talking about the beginning of school with your young child, it is very helpful to speak in positive terms...fun, new friends, exciting, learning, playing.   In the words of the commercial, "Don't let them see you sweat."  Even if you are nervous, sad or unsure, please don't let your child see it.  They take their emotional cues from you, so if they see that you are anxious, they will be too.
    Here are some good books to read with your child (per the Parent Institute booklet):

    I Love You All Day Long, Francesca Rusacks

    Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come, Nancy Carlson

    Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Joseph Slate

    The Twelve Days of Kindergarten, Deborah Lee Rose

    Wemberly Worried, Kevin Henkes

    It is also helpful to visit the school...the week before school starts, make a morning run through so the child will know what the routine will be.  If they will ride the bus, see if you can find an older student to be a helper.
    Talk to your child about his/her concerns.  Let them know that it is normal to be nervous and focus on the fun things that will occur.
    On the first day, don't linger at the classroom door.  Give your child the gift of independence...give a kiss and say good-bye, then leave.  It is O.K. if your child cries.  As soon as you leave, they will be engaged by the classroom activities and the crying will stop.  School staff are experts at helping with separation.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 712-4422.  Staff will be at work beginning August 19.