• Introduction to Math 1 -  Mrs. Kay S. Williams                                                       Email:  kswilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us       
    Reagan High School:  (336) 703-6776                                                                     2016-2017 School year
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Your child will need paper and pencils for taking notes and completing class work and homework. He/she needs to do homework, review class notes each night and ask questions the next day in class on any material not understood. In the event of an absences, he/she needs to get the notes and pick up any handouts from me.
    Grading System:
    Tests 40%      Quizzes 30%     Classwork/Participation 20%   Homework 10%
    3 ring binder with loose leaf notebook paper/notebook                    **box of tissues for classroom**
    plenty of pencils and erasers                                                                  highlighter/colored pen
    TI 83/84 Graphing Calculator - can be checked out from library after form is filled out and signed by parent and student
    Homework will be checked every day with an effort check. You will receive a grade of 100 for a complete assignment, a grade of 50 for an incomplete assignment with at least half of the material completed, or a 0 for anything else. It is imperative that your child complete homework assignments. Math is a course that builds on the skills previously taught. Don't get behind. Math 1 is the foundation for the upper level math classes that must be taken next.
    Class Rules and Consequences:
       1. Do not get out of your seat when I am teaching as this is a distraction to the class.
       2. Follow directions, take notes and stay on task.
       3. Respect others and their property.
       4. Obey all school rules. 
       5. No food, candy, or drinks in classroom (except water). 
       6. Bring your calculator to class each day. I do not have batteries or calculators. Calculators can be checked out from the media center.
      7. Cell phones may not be used in class at any time. 
       1.  Warning
       2.  Teacher/Student Conference
       3.  Parent Contact
       4.  Discipline Referral to the Office (Note: Major infractions will result in automatic referral to the office).
    We must all work together to get your child performing at his or her best. Therefore I am asking your to provide me with your cell number or another number where you can be reached during the school day. It is imperative that we stay in contact and that you are aware of your child's progress. If email is more convenient for you, provide me with your email address. You can reach me at kswilliams@wsfcs.k12.nc.us or at 703-6776. Please contact me if you ever have a question or concern about your student's progress.
                                                                               Please sign and return to Mrs. Williams
    I have read the above letter and I understand what is expected of my child.
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     Parent Signature                                                                                 Cell # (or number where you can be reached during the day)
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