Mrs. Groce's P.A.W.S Laws


    ·       Practice Whole Body Listening when someone is speaking

    o   Eyes looking at the speaker

    o   Ears listening to the speaker

    o   Mouth, hands, and feet are quiet

    o   Body facing the speaker

    o   Brain thinking about the speakers words

    o   Heart caring about what the speaker is saying

    ·       Use kind words and kind actions

    ·       Use good classroom manners


    A Accountable

    ·       Complete and return all classroom and homework assignments on time.

    ·       Keep your area organized and neat

    ·       Make sure all home/school communication is given to the parent/teacher.

    ·       Tell the truth
    Work Hard

    ·       Pay attention and stay on task in class

    ·       Be cooperative

    ·       Do your best work

    ·       Use your best handwriting

    ·       Participate in all activities


    ·       Walk in the classroom

    ·       Sit on your chair appropriately

    ·       Use all materials properly

    ·       Prevent the spread of germs: cover your mouth, use tissues and wash your hands.

    ·       Keep your hands and feet to yourself


    Below are the consequences and rewards used in my classroom:

    Consequences: PBIS Form, time out for reflection, phone call to parent, or referral to the office

    Rewards: PAW Bucks, stickers, special treats, and other classroom privileges