• Supply List
      Below is the supply list given by the county.  I have added some notes in red on supplies you don't need for my class and some items that I would like for students to have.  If you purchase the list from the county only this is fine, I will make things work.
       Fourth Grade

      • box of 24 crayons (do not need)
      • glue sticks
      • packs of loose leaf paper (wide rule) (I will need lots of paper.  We usually run out right after the holiday break.)
      • pack of #2 pencils (Students go through lots of pencils.  Please get multiple packs.  If your child gets mechanical pencils, please have extra lead.)
      • 2 boxes of tissue
      • box of washable markers (Students prefer colored pencils)
      • pencil pouch/zippered or box ( The zippered pouch fits in the desks better)
      • composition or spiral books (wide rule) (2 compositions and 2 spirals)
      • Solid colored 2-pocket folder (1 plastic with brads-if you can - this one would be to put homework in, and 2 regular with brads)
      • 3-ring binders (1") (only 1 and PLEASE don't bring trapper keepers/zipper binders or large binders.  There is no room for them.)
      • book bag/back pack (no wheels)
      • Hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)
      • 1 container of sanitizer wipes.  I like to wipe down desk every Friday to cut down on germs.