• Class Rules:

    1.     Follow directions quickly.

    2.    Listen when your teacher is talking.

    3.    Raise your hand to speak or stand.

    4.    Be safe, be kind and be honest.

    5.    Respect others yourself and your school.

    Behavior Management:  We will use a Clip Chart in our classroom.  Each student will have a clothespin with an assigned number (magic number) on it.  Students will begin each day in the middle of the chart, on green.  Students may be asked to move their clothespin up or down on the chart during the day depending on their choices.  Here is an example of the Clip Chart and what each space on the chart means:



    Students who reach the purple level will be rewarded for their positive choices by receiving class recognition, a stamp for their stamp chart, and receive a special certificate of recognition.


    Great Choices

    Students who continue to make positive choices move up to the pink level. They are having an awesome day and will receive class recognition and a stamp for their stamp chart.


    Good Choices

    Students who make positive choices will receive class recognition as they move up the chart.


    Ready to Learn

    Everyone starts the day with “Ready to Learn.”  Students will “clip up” or “clip down” throughout the day depending on their behavior choices.



    Students who receive a warning will move to yellow. This serves as a reminder to students to “take time and think” about the choices they are making.



    Students, who continue to make poor choices, will move to orange.  This will result in a consequence such as walking laps, writing a note of apology, or silent lunch.


    Parent Contact/

    Office Referral

    Students that continue to make poor choices will move to red.  This will result in an office referral, parent contact, and a consequence.


    Parents will know their child’s behavior through the use of their homework folder.  There will be a behavior calendar for each month that students will color corresponding with their clip.  If students are on yellow, orange or red there will be an explanation given on their chart.  Please be sure to review and sign your child’s behavior chart daily.