• Biomedical Technology I Course
    biomed image This is the first course for either the Biotechnology or the Health Sciences majors.   It  covers such science topics as biomedical research, animal research infectious disease and vaccines, genetics, cloning, cell biology and cancer, nanotechnology and forensics medicine.  This course will provide context for what is to come in future courses in the biotech or health science major.
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    Jan 20 - Feb 10Biomedical and Animal Research            
    Feb 11 - Mar 4Infectious Disease and Vaccines       
    Mar 7 - Mar 23Diagnostics and Forensic Science                
    Apr 4 - Apr 13Genetics                             
    Apr 14 - Apr 22Cloning                                            
    Apr 25 - May 3 Regenerative Medicine                                
    May 4 - May 13 Cell Biology and Cancer 
    May15-  May 20   Nanotechnology
                        CTE Course Post-Assessment