Getting Ready for Kindergarten
    Parents often ask about how they can prepare their child for coming to kindergarten.  Here are some simple and fun activities that will guarantee a successful start in kindergarten.
    • Practice shoe tying.
    • Practice writing first name.
    • Play "I Spy' with colors and shapes.
    • Practice writing numbers 0 through 10.
    • Practice cutting with scissors.
    • Learn address, phone number, and birthday.
    • Practice counting skills with everything from forks on the dinner table to Barbie dolls and monster trucks.
    • Make letters with Play-doh, pipe cleaners, shaving cream, sidewalk chalk, etc.
    • Make names and words with magnetic letters.
    • Play with modeling clay to strengthen little fingers for fine motor skills.
    • Count aloud - how high can you go?
    • Draw pictures and tell what they are about.
    • Go on a letter or word hunt as you are driving, in the kitchen cabinet, or while you are reading - let your child tell you the ones they know!
    • Name the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.
    • READ, READ, READ every day!  Read a variety of books - fiction, non-fiction, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and poems.