sch Ms. Kimbrough’s Pre-K Supply List


    Here is a list of the supplies that will be needed for the school year.  Please feel free to send in extras during the school year as supplies dwindle—they will be greatly appreciated. You can find many of these items at low-cost from Dollar Tree, Walmart, and ect…

    Items for all Students:
    2- Packs of Glue Sticks

    1-Box of Gallon Sized Zip Lock Bags
    1-Box of Quart Sized Zip Lock Bags
    2-Bottles of Hand Soap

    2- Containers of Disinfecting Wipes (such as Lysol or Clorox)
    2-Boxes of Tissues (such as Kleenex)
    1-Backpack- Labeled with your child’s name.
    2-Change of Clothes (In zip-lock bag with your child’s name)
    1-Pack of Disposable Diapers or Pull-ups as needed for your child.
    2- Packs of Baby Wipes
    1-Beach Sized Towel/ Blanket (for Rest Time/Quiet Time)