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    10th Grade Planning Timeline      

    Adapted from CFNC.org


    • Keep or get those grades up!  You may have a lot going on this year, but stay focused on your schoolwork. 
    • Continue conversations with school counselors, teachers, family members & trusted adults about your futute plans!
    • Find out about Career & College Promise, IB, AP and other courses your can enroll in for junior year.  
    • Update your college planning file - or start one, if you haven't already.   You can do this at CFNC.org.
    • Start or continue participating in extracurricular activities. Don’t  join every club; find a few clubs, sports or activities you love!
    •  If you have room in your schedule, consider a part-time job or volunteer position.  
    • Make summer count - look into academic enrichment programs, summer workshops and camps w/ focuses on music, arts and sciences 
    • Explore CAREERS that interest you - find careers that match your interests, abilities, personality, and skill set!
    • Start thinking about what factors are important to you in choosing a college: size, location, availability of extracurricular activities, for example. 
    • READ!  Expanding your vocabulary and learning new things will increase your vocabulary and make you interesting!


Last Modified on September 18, 2023