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    Welcome to our FRESHMEN ACADEMY created to boost your success!

    Academy Team Leaders - Mrs. Tammy Johnson, Assistant Principal 

                                              Ms. Jessica Williams, School Counselor


    2023 Rising Freshman Open House Presentation on August 22, 2023:


    9th Grade Planning Timeline             

    Adapted from:  www.cfnc.org


    • Now that you're in 9th grade,  get serious about your future.  Start early and be prepared.
    • Develop good study habits, attend school daily, love learning and accomplishing goals you set for yourself!
    • Talk to school counselors, teachers, family members and trusted adults about your plans for career and/or college.  If you're not sure if college is the best option for you, talk to your counselor.   
    • Take Honors and Seminar classes to prepare for Career and College Promise, IB, or AP courses and for college.  If you are serious about college, start now. 
    • Create a file of the following documents and notes:  report cards, lists of awards and honors, school and community activities, and volunteer work.  
    • Explore career options and college campuses on line at www.CFNC.org
    • Get involved in Parkland campus and area community activities.   
    • Make summer count!  Volunteering and educational programs can help give you a better idea about what kind of training or career fits you.
    • College life can be a big change — you're on your own!  Try taking some small steps towards independence this year and in the next 3 years, perhaps with more responsibility around your house. 
Last Modified on August 23, 2023