Many students ask me, during the school year, if I offer any extra credit. Here is your chance! Follow the directions on the link I provided below and create a Free Account on StudySpanish.com.  Once you link your account to mine, I will be able to see how well you have done on the Basic Quiz or Mini Test.  If you want to improve your "in-class" score, you must complete the Basic Quiz and Mini Test for the same grammar lesson we are studying in class.  If you succesfully score a 90% or higher on the Mini-Test, I will change your grade. You must answer all the Basic Quiz questions correctly before you can take the test. Please let me know when you complete one of the sessions so that I can check your score.
    If you are ready, click below  ... buena suerte!
    Here is a link to a website which features articles about Hispanic Heritage Month. Read one article and write a few key points (3 to 5 sentences) in Spanish describing what the article is about or any information you learned from it and I will give you extra credit. DO NOT use any translator to help you with the sentences or I will not award you any credit.  Keep the sentences simple and use your own Spanish skills.
Last Modified on January 13, 2014