• Course Description
    English II Seminar is an advanced, fast-paced version of Standard English II. In order to prepare Seminar students for Advanced Placement Language and Composition their Junior year, English II Seminar requires a lot more outside reading, a semester project, and much more Socratic discussion than Honors. Students will read a minimum of 1 outside text per unit, complete book talks, blogs, and multi-draft papers. Finally, English II Seminar students are responsible for being proactive, engaged learners.
    Course Content 
    The new Common Core Essential Standards have changed the English II curriculum a little. The course is still a study of World Literature, but it no longer includes Western Europe (which has been added to English IV). The English II curriculum includes: African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, Eastern European, Central/South/Latin Americas, and Canada. Additionally, students are required to create writing and multimedia products in four genres: Narrative, Argumentative, Informative and Research.