• Course Description
    The North Carolina Teacher Cadet Program is designed to provide the opportunity for high school students considering the field of education with an introduction to the careers involved. Students will receive instruction in several areas of education, complete classroom observations, student teach in multiple field experiences, and complete many hands-on projects designed to synthesize course content. The course is taught at a college level and students may receive college credit at some institutions upon acceptance into the individual Schools of Education. As such, Cadets must be prepared to perform at a college level by attending class, completing projects and portfolios on time, and participating actively in classroom discussion.
    Course Content 
    Teacher Cadet I: Cadets will study physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and moral development for children ages birth-eighteen. Cadets will be introduced to Special Education and English Language Learner programs. They will begin their study of pedagogy and methods. Finally, the TC I Cadets will survey different educational settings and styles.
    Teacher Cadet II: Cadets will continue their study of pedagogy and methods. They will be exposed to alternatives to public education, educational research, and current best practices. The Cadet II students will complete lengthy student teaching field experiences, as well as fulfill requirements to teach TC I materials. The Cadets will complete both a major thesis paper and an action research project. Finally, the culminating project synthesizes both years of the course into a requirement to use research, experiences, and cooperative pairs to create a school.