• Course Description
    High School English II is back! The Common Core Essential Standards require English II students to complete an End of Course test in June. This test takes the place of the former English I multiple choice test and the former English II Writing Assessment. With this in mind, English I teachers, Guidance Counselors, parents and students work together to determine if enrollment in High School English II is necessary to help prepare the student for English II in general and the English II assessment. Student performance in English I is heavily considered. Additionally, students new to North Carolina whose scores indicate previous struggle in English may be enrolled in this course.
    Course Content 
    High School English II will continue to help students explore learning styles, studying techniques, and time management skills. Students will complete several texts in class, at least one outside text, multiple writing assignments of different genres and lengths, and at least one multimedia product. Lessons will focus on the reading, writing, and grammatical skills necessary for success in English II and those directly associated with the EOC.