• Classroom Policies:

    - Please return the homework folder daily!
    This is our communication tool. All notes from the school will be sent home in this and please send notes, money, etc. to school in your child's folder.

    - We will send the homework packets home on Monday.
    Students are to complete one page per night.
    Please return the packet daily so that we can check the progress of your child's work
    and they will be able to go back and correct if there is any problem.

    - Please send in all monies (lunch, field trip, picture, book fair) in an envelope or Ziploc bag LABELED with your child's name and what the money is for.
    Please send this in your child's folder.

    - If there is a change in how your child is getting home
    (ex. usually a bus rider but needs to be a car rider),
    please send in a note or call the school to let us know.
    We cannot change dismissal plans without verification from the parent.

    - Please make sure we have an up-to-date phone number at all times!
    Students may get sick at school and we need to have a way to contact you.

    - Remember! If your child misses a day from school,
    please send in a note when they return explaining their absence.
    If you don't, it will count against you as an unexcused absence.