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    WSFCS Grading Scale
    Parents and Guardians:
         I will always keep you informed of any academic concerns that I have and you are always free to call me with any questions or concerns that you have as well.  I will do all that I can to help make this as successful a year, for your child, as possible. Thank you, in advance, for your care and concern for your student's academic success.


    A  90 - 100


    B  80 - 89


    C  70 - 79


    D  60 - 69


    F  59 and below


    Please check all notes beside your students grades on their progress reports.  Any assignments that are marked missing or not turned in can be turned in before the end of the quarter to help your child's grade. I will not go back and reprint worksheets that I no longer have. If a student is able to find a missing assignment in their desk, at home, or in their bookbag, these may be turned in or if they need to complete a written assignment (notebook paper), they may do this. Credit will be deducted due to the late assignment and then adjustments to their grade will be made. I make these concessions to help students be as successful as they can be. They do need to realize that once they leave the elementary school environment, this may no longer be available to them or it may be at their teacher's discretion. They should make every effort to keep up with their work, put their names on all papers, and make sure to turn in their assignments on time. I will be working with them to develop this discipline so that they can be successful as they continue through their school years. Thank you for your help and concern in this area.

    Ms. Plaster