Websites for Parents of Gifted Students

    Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools webpage for Academically Gifted Students



                This page, from the Department for Academically/Intellectually Gifted Students, offers an overview of the gifted education program in WS/FC Schools. Paula Wilkins, the Program Specialist, has assembled a wealth of information including procedures covering gifted programming in WS/FCS, links, and resources available for parents. You will also find enrichment opportunities. Mrs. Wilkins also oversees the Highly Academically Gifted program in elementary and middle school and the International Baccalaureate program as well as Honors, Seminar and Advanced Placement classes in the high schools.


    National Association for Gifted Children                                                                             www.nagc.org  

                Founded in 1954, The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an organization that includes parents, educators, counselors, and community leaders with an interest in gifted education. Although parent membership currently costs $99 a year (entitling you to a subscription to Gifted Child Quarterly or Parenting for High Potential) and a number of other benefits, there is also a category for Parent Associate Membership for $30 (which includes Parenting for High Potential), or you can find many articles on line for free.


    North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented                                                      www.ncagt.org   

                This is the North Carolina branch of NAGC. It summarizes gifted laws in the state of North Carolina (including Article 9B, which governs gifted education) and offers a wealth of information and resources for parents of gifted students. The 2012 conference was held in Winston-Salem in March. The website offers guidelines for setting up local branches, known as NC PAGE, or North Carolina Partners the Advancement of Gifted Education.



    American Association for Gifted Children at Duke University                          http://www.aagc.org/   

                The AAGC was founded in New York in 1946 to encourage interest in developing the skills of gifted students.  The AAGC moved to Duke University in 1989 and is registered as a non-profit organization. The website includes a number of resources on identifying gifted preschoolers and parenting gifted children that cite relevant research. The physical address is American Association for Gifted Children at Duke University, P.O. Box 90420, Durham, NC 27708.



    Duke Talent Identification Program                                                               http://www.tip.duke.edu/  

         The Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) works with gifted youth in grades 4-12 as they seek new challenges in learning. In WS/FC Schools, students who are identified as scoring at the 95th percentile or above are invited to take the SAT as part of the 7th grade Talent Search. This website explains the process and offers resources for gifted students and parents, such as the Digest of Gifted Research (formerly the Duke Gifted Letter). Seventh graders with qualifying scores will be honored at state or regional recognition ceremonies and are invited to participate in special classes offered online or at Duke and other colleges in the summer.



    National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT)    http://www.gifted.uconn.edu/nrcgt.html


                This research center, based at the University of Connecticut, includes such leading researchers as Dr. Joseph Renzulli. Although the website includes a wealth of materials for educators and other professionals, it also features free online publications and articles which may be downloaded and printed (and brochures which may be ordered) on a wealth of topics, such as television and the gifted child, nurturing and developing your child’s talents, and explanations of academic acceleration. The Renzulli Learning Program offered in WS/FC Schools is sponsored by the NRC/GT.



    The Davidson Institute                                            http://www.davidsongifted.org/default.aspx

                The Davidson Institute is a national non-profit dedicated to serving profoundly gifted children 18 and under. It runs a summer residential program at the University of Nevada for profoundly gifted teens between the ages of 13 and 16. It also includes a multitude of articles on many topics relating to gifted students. These can be accessed through the link given above, and several are summarized on the Articles page.  



    Hoagie’s Gifted Education Website: Parents          http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/parents.htm   

                This webpage has a wealth of information on all sorts of things, from information for parents on topics such as gifted sensitivities, perfectionism and underachievement in the gifted child, and internet tools available to parents. There are a variety of articles for parents (some scholarly, others not) on every topic related to giftedness. There are also activities for kids including reading lists, computer apps, links to learning games, and places for kids to post their creative works or communicate with other kids.  Of special note is the list of resources, which includes links to scholarly journals such as Gifted Child Quarterly.