• English Language Arts Resources
    Compass Learning- this site is great for building your skills in all subject areas. The site works best with Google Chrome. You will need to use your user name and password,  use wsf as your school.
    SRA Imagine It - use the username and password I gave to play games and practice oral fluency.
    3rd Grade Reading Blog- this is the link for the reading blog. 

    Storyline Online
    -hear your favorite actors read your favorite books
    Reading Rockets- this website gives parents research based strategies to help their children become better readers
    Comprehension Practice-use the passages to practice your reading comprehension skills

    Internet for the Classroom –complete activities to help increase your English Language Arts Skills
    Giggle Poetry –Read and Rate hundreds of poems
    Reading Resource -this site has a variety of activities and ideas to increase reading skills 
    Word Sorts-this site allows students to practice phonics skills using word sorts
    English Language Arts Games

    Noun Dunk Game – increase your knowledge of nouns while playing basketball

    Singular and Plural Match- play a game of concentration while trying to match the singular and plural forms of a noun

    Words in Context – select the correct meaning of the word to throw a pie at the dancing duck

    Verb Power-determine if the underlined word is a main verb, helping verb, or contraction to restore power to the amusement park

    Subject Verb Mix-Up- build sentences that make sense and build a carousel

    Grammar Blast-have a blast practicing your grammar skills

    Word Invasion –use your knowledge of the parts of speech to help save the ocean creature from the jellyfish

    Verb Viper-use your knowledge of subject verb agreement to feed the viper

    How many syllables?-type in a word to discover how many syllables it has.

    Kitten Hop-practice your sight words and help the kitten jump to the couch

    Coconut Vowels-use your phonics skills to fill in the missing letters and shoot the coconuts out of the tree.

    Main Idea and Theme Sites-provides online practice activities for main idea and theme

    Vocabulary Skills –practice building words using prefixes and suffixes .