1st Grade Handbook

    We are so pleased to welcome you to our classroom!  In order to provide the information that you need for 1st grade, we have created this handbook for your reference.  Please let us know if you have any questions!
    Classroom Expectations:
    In order to have a successful year, we expect students to follow classroom and school rules at all times.  A daily behavior report can be found in students' agendas. Continued distractions or aggressive behaviors may result in an office referral.  Please use the following key to understand your child's behavior:
    Green = Great day!
    Yellow = Student received reminders for not following the rules and had time-out in the classroom.
    Red = Student continued to behave inappropriately and had time-out in another classroom.
    Please initial your child's behavior for the day on the agenda.
    Homework notebooks will be sent home every Monday.  All of the week’s homework will be included in the notebook.  Have your child complete the week’s work at his or her own pace.  Working a little bit each day is recommended.  Your child must return his or her homework notebook to school everyday.  Please check the front pocket of the notebook each night for notes and to review your child’s behavior.  All homework will be collected and checked on Fridays.
    Important notes will be placed in the front pocket of your child’s agenda.  It is labeled "Notes".   Please check this pocket every day.  If you need to send us a note, please put it in the agenda pocket. 
    Tuesday Envelopes:
    Your child’s work will be sent home every Tuesday.  Please review the contents of the envelope, sign, and return it to school as soon as possible. 

    Student Health:
    We want your child to stay healthy this year!  We encourage proper hand-washing in order to stay germ-free.  Students should also remember to keep their hands to themselves to prevent the spread of germs.  Please help us by reinforcing healthy habits at home too!
    Our lunch time is 12:29.  Meet us in the cafeteria if you would like to have lunch with us.  Please place your child’s lunch money in the front pocket of the agenda in the pocket labeled "Notes".
    We will have time for a morning snack every day.  Please send a healthy, nonperishable snack for your child.  Remember that our snack time break is very brief, so please select snack items that your child can easily consume and clean up in a short time.  You may choose to send your child enough snacks for the week by placing the snacks in a large Ziploc bag that will be stored in your child's book bag.
    On your child’s birthday, you may send or bring a treat to eat during our snack time or lunchtime.  Please let us know a few days in advance if you plan to send something.  All food items must be store-bought.
    Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for first grade.  Becoming involved in activities often means that the students will get a little messy.  It is a good idea to label all coats and sweaters.  Also make sure your child wears appropriate closed-toe shoes daily.
    Communication Reports:
    You will receive 3 communication reports each quarter. Please sign the report and return it to school.  At the end of the quarter you will receive your child’s report card in a brown envelope.  Please sign the back of the envelope and return it to school.
    If you have concerns or questions, you are welcome to schedule a conference with us at any time during the year.  All parents will be scheduled for a conference at the end of first quarter.  Watch for conference information and reply accordingly.