Board Games for Gifted Children


    Catch Phrase Junior

    The goal is to make your team guess the displayed word or phrase. Shout out clues, jump around, or use your hands. Once they guess, you must quickly pass. Don't get caught with the game at the buzz or the other team scores. It’s lots of fun!      ($59.99 at Amazon.com)



    The object of SET is to find sets of three cards by following specific grouping rules. Each card has one of three shapes on it. The card can have one to three of those shapes on it and the shapes will be one of three colors displayed with one of three patterns. Gifted children are usually quick to pick out the sets from the twelve visible cards.   ($12.99 at Amazon.com)


    The outrageous, classic Cranium game now features exciting new playing cards, flexible play length, and a bonus family pack. Add to that 14 wacky activities including hilarious sculpting, acting, and sketching, and you're in for a fun night of play. Whether you're an artist, a singer, an actor, or a professional speller--there's something for everyone in this funny, oddball board game.   ($24.99 at Amazon.com)



    This game has won a Mensa award plus many other awards.  To play this game, you will need to use your wit to unmask and eliminate the enemy spy. It is a great game of suspense. ($21.52 at Amazon.com)


    SPOT IT!

    This game set contains four fast, challenging mini-party games in which all players play at the same time.  It is designed for all ages and helps develop visual perception and matching skills.  It also supports quick mental process and sharpens cognitive skills.  It is a great travel game.  ($13.99 at Amazon.com)



    This game offers non-stop action.  It is the winner of the iParenting Media award, the Parent’s Choice Foundation Award, and the NAPPA Honors award.  It has also received the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. ($17.99 at Amazon.com)

    Family Activities for the Gifted Child



    Choose a book on simple magic tricks and host a Family Magic Night.  Magic tricks can also be found on YouTube (under adult supervision).


    Start a scene, and identify each of the characters by means of a hat. The MC will interrupt (freeze) the game from time to time, and switch the players` hats. After the switch each player becomes the character that previously wore his or her hat.  The story needs to continue and should make sense.  For more detailed directions goto:  http://improvencyclopedia.org/games/index.html


    Choose a partner.  Using the materials provided (clipboard, paper, pencils crayons etc.),
    draw a portrait of your partner.  Use an egg timer to make a quick and spontaneous looking portrait.  If you want to make it longer, move on to the next person.  Alternatively, choose one person to be the model for the group, then another. Young children will not be able to sit still for long!  Display the results.


    You will need a blanket or sheet and two people to hold up the blanket as if it were a curtain.  Separate the group of players into halves and place the groups on opposite sides of the blanket. Each group picks 1 person from their team and that person stands up right behind the blanket (make sure that the players standing at the blanket cannot see each other). Choose one player from each team to get ready for the blanket to drop.The two people holding the blanket drop it and the two players shout out the other player’s name from the opposite team who was standing behind the blanket.The first person to yell the name correctly gets one point.


    How to Play…Everyone stands up.  I will read out a statement.  If you think it istrue put both hands on your head.  If you think it is false put both hands behind your back.  Do not be tempted to copy anyone else as they may be wrong!  If you are wrong you sitdown.  The last one standing is the winner.  Start off with an easy (practice) one.

    Examples:  1) Winston-Salem is the capital of North Carolina. FALSE

                       2) North Carolina’s statebird is the Blue Jay. FALSE



    Cross number puzzles are puzzles that let you solve mathematical problems within the puzzle interface. It is very similar to a crossword puzzle only that the answers are numbers.  For online Crossnumber puzzles go to:  http://www.crossnumber.com/



    Unlike Simon Says, the object of this game is to do the opposite of the leader’s commands, and by doing so correctly, be the last player remaining in the game.  For example, if the leader says, “Take three steps toward me,” all the players should take three steps away from the leader. When told, “Hop on your right foot,” players are to hop on the left foot.  This requires the leader to be more alert than in Simon Says. The leader should not demonstrate any of the movements but should concentrate on watching for players acting out opposing instructions.  Players not doing the opposite of the command are eliminated. Last person left in the game wins.


    Pairs of children can do this exercise. Everyone must carry on a conversation using only questions.  Give them a scenario (organizing their mother’s surprise birthday party or they are shipwrecked on a deserted island).  If one makes a mistake someone else takes over.  This is a good traveling game.  The game can be started by saying, “Do you want to play questions?”


    One person is sent out of the room and the others choose one person to be the leader. The leader then starts performing a silly action like scratching their head or blinking.  Everyone has to follow suit. At this point the other person is called back into the room. The other players continue the action until the leader switches to something else and then they too must immediately follow suit. The aim of the single player is to work out who the leader is. They only have two guesses.


    Aluminum foil is a wonderful material for model-making. It is clean, shiny, cheap, and looks great on display.  It is also very easy to clean up.  You can use aluminum foil for any exercise that you might use newspapers for, especially construction exercises like towers and bridges, etc. People can work as individuals, pairs or small groups and their efforts can be displayed as a group project.  Enjoy constructing zoos full of animals, small cities, or a plane that flies!



    Tired of your boring white wardrobe? Then tie dye it!  Don’t get too carried away though!
    Dyes are available at your local craft store or supermarket.  You can make many different patterns with just a ball of string and/or rubber bands. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to create bright clothes. Personalize your tee-shirts or even tie dye your underwear!


    You will need cotton balls, empty film canisters or pill boxes, and different liquid extracts or other smelly substances. Place one cotton ball in each empty container. You can place numbered tags on the bottom of the containers which correspond with a master list. Here are some ideas of scents to add:   lemon, peppermint, vanilla, garlic, orange, bacon, cherry and coffee. The person who correctly identifies the most scents is the winner.



    For other games go to:  http://giftedchildren.webs.com/gameoftheweekarchive.htm