• Who Am I?

          I suppose I should introduce myself since you are taking the time to browse my page. My name is Richard Ogburn Jr but I go by the alias Bo. I was born in 1966 and will at some point die. Between the 'I' and the period (.) stuff has and will continue to happen.
         Throughout my life I always seem to be just a bit too late or early when walking through the door of opportunity. In 1968 I envisioned a computer for the average American I coined the AC (average computer). However since I was only two years old and had yet to take a civics class I had no understanding of copywrite or patent procedures and failed to protect my ingenuity in time. Another example occurred in 1980 when Al Gore and myself were attending a political rally demanding the release of American hostages in Iran. As we were both commenting about our mutual disgust of Bill Clinton's behavior towards the women at the rally I briefly mentioned to Al an idea I had about a global communications network I referred to as the 'outernet'. Later Gore took credit for the development of what became known as the Internet yet, to my amusement no one believed him capable of such ingenuity and it blew up in his face.
          Missed opportunities aside however I am generally happy living in  the shadows. I have a wife and three children and for that reason try to stay out of sight, preferably in the basement. After the birth of our third child I told my wife that we were going to have to cancel  all credit cards and at that moment we stopped having children.
         Eventually I will get to that final period (.) and I am sure you are all thinking "not a moment too soon." My one ambition as a teacher is that in the end my students will look back on their experience in my classroom without regret. I hope they will have memories of intellectual growth and discovery that will benefit them throughout their education and into their adult life.
    Peace - bo
    Disclaimer: There is  little factual information in the narrative above. Any similarities to actual human beings are purely coincidental and the author refuses any liability to damage of character that may result.