• Rules
    Student Teacher
    We will be using a clip chart to monitor our choices in our classroom.  The clip chart is divided into 7 colored sections and each day, students will start out on green, in the middle.   Good choices will enable students to move up on the clip chart (such as following our school wide CARE Philosophy and making good choices.Poor choices will cause them to move down.   Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day! In order to move up, students must go above and beyond in their behavior choices. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each color.

    Pink – Outstanding! – If students reach this level, they’ll earn a jewel to decorate their clip. (5 jewels are rewarded with a “Happy Note” home) or receive a prize from the prize box.


    Purple – Great Job! – As students continue to make good choices, they’ll advance to Great Job!


    Blue – Good Job! – Making a good choice will help students move up to the blue section of the chart.


    Green Ready to Learn! – Students get to start out each day on “Ready to Learn”.  They will move up or down the chart depending on their choices. 


    Yellow – Slow Down! – This level is a reminder to slow down and think about their choices.  If a student shows improvement and gets back on task with the right behaviors, they can move back up. 


    Orange – Think About It (Teacher Choice) – If a student moves down to this level, they will have a Behavior Meeting with me.  Depending upon the behavior, I will determine what consequence the student will have.  (Not all students respond the same way to a set consequence.  Some examples of consequences may include, but are not limited to walking laps during recess, completing a behavior reflection sheet, meeting with Ms. Smart, our counselor, loss of privileges, restriction from a favorite activity, or a phone call home. 


    Red – Parent Contact – If a student continues to make bad choices, or in rare circumstances, severe behavior warrants a clip down to this level, the consequence will be parentcontact and office contact .  They will determine further consequences based on the behavior that was exhibited to earn this level. 


    Students behavior will be marked in their homework binders daily. 

     By now you have probably heard from your child about a new program we have been using in class, called Class Dojo.  It is a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behavior--positive and negative.  Students get very excited when they are awarded points, and one of the best things I’ve noticed is that they are rooting for each other!  They are so sweet to each other, congratulating others when they receive a positive point. Students will work each quarter to earn at least 30 "dojo" points. Students who have reached this goal will be treated to ice cream or some other sweet treat!  

    I hope that our using Class Dojo will give you some more insight as to how your child is doing in our classroom behaviorally.  I know you will be proud to see the great behaviors they are displaying, and in turn, if there is something they need to work on, you will be able to see that as well.
    Konnoak is proud to be a PBIS school.  Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a school wide discipline system that aims to reward students for making good behavior choices, especially in the common areas of our school such as hallways, playgrounds, and the cafeteria.  
    Students who show the following characteristics are able to earn Cardinal Cash to use for rewards and prizes.  Classes can also earn Class Awards for showing CARE..
    R- responsibility
    E- effort
    Mrs. Potato Head
    Mrs. Potato Head
      In addition to the Class Dojo, we will be using Mrs. Potato Head as a group behavior incentive in the classroom to earn compliments. When the class is caught being good or behaving appropriately as a whole, we add a Potato Head body part.  Once Mrs. Potato Head is completely together, we have a celebration.