• Tips for Parents

    Ways you can encourage your gifted child


    Tips for Parents of High Ability Students


    Allow increasing control in areas s/he is able to make decisions. This fosters independence and self-confidence.

        Allow choice when possible.

        Listen without offering criticism or solutions. Just listen.

        Provide opportunities for community service or action; this allows a sense of contribution.

        Promote social contact that is positive. Allow friends according to interests.

        Praise for personal values you are trying to promote: hard work, kindness, responsibility. Criticize privately.
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        Promote the value of challenging work and   

     appreciation of school and learning.

       Teach good time management and

     organizational skills.

        Be alert to conflicts experienced between high

     achievement and belonging to a particular


        Encourage positive relationships with other

     adults, e.g. teachers, coaches, Scout leaders,

     other relatives, mentors.

        Model acceptance of mistakes.

        Pick battles carefully. Think about what is

     important in the long run.

        Model healthy habits of good eating, exercise, down time, and relaxing pursuits.

        Stand together with the child’s other parent in promoting the importance of school, work, effort, responsibility, and kindness.  

       Work cooperatively with your child’s teacher, communicating your questions and concerns directly to the teacher.







    Taken from Indiana Department of Education. (2010). Guiding Students with High Abilities: Social and Emotional Considerations.