This classroom is a place that supports and encourages student learning.

    My goal for each of you (and hopefully yours as well) is to gain an understanding of the biological world around you through the NC standard course of study and to show your understanding by scoring a Level 3 or 4 on the EOC exam, in order to complete your graduation requirement. To effectively accomplish this I feel that student and teacher roles should be clearly defined.

    You are responsible for your own learning, while I am responsible for creating a learning environment for you. 

    To help meet your responsibilities you should: come prepared to class; complete assignments; participate in class; use appropriate language; clean up after yourself; maintain a positive, respectful attitude; follow all other MTHS handbook policies.
    In order to meet my responsibilities I will: provide activities to present the NC standard course of study; provide activities to review for the EOC exam; grade and provide feedback in a timely manner; maintain a respectful, positive classroom environment.

    **To maintain this classroom environment, flagrant displays will call for removal from the classroom and possible D1, while minor infractions will cause deductions from participation grades, unless they are not corrected. I of course will use my judgment for each incident, but will try to be as fair as possible.