SFES PTA Board  

    President   Julie Miller 
    VP/President Elect   Wendi Galinski 
    Treasurer   Jeanie Walser 
    VP of Finance   Kris Brown 
    Secretary    Susan Conway


    School Representatives                                                                  

    Principal   Jacob Lowther  
    Assistant Principal   Tom Kleean 
    Friends of Sherwood Forest   Emily Phillips



    PTA Operations                                               

    Audit Committee   Teresa Whittington
    Communications (Emails/Website)   Karen Connolley and Jennifer Coil
    Nominating Committee (President-Elect)   Wendi Galinksi
    PTA Directory/Membership   Jaime Gallimore


    Volunteer Coordination

    Volunteer Coordinator  Ann Marie Sears & Lisa Breeding
    Computer, Media & Art Volunteer Coordinator  Jennifer Powell
    Room Parent Coordinator  Allison Chapple


    School & Teacher Support  

    Grounds Beautification   Brandi Walley
    Hospitality/Teacher Breakfasts/    Laurie Cervar & Jennifer Coil
    Staff Appreciation                                                        
    Teacher & Bus Driver Holiday Gift    Tara Phillips                                                    
    Teacher Cards    Malery Copen                                                                          
    School Improvement Team   Julie Miller
    Book Nook   Melissa Cauthen & Ashley Strain
    Parent & Community Support

    Advocacy Committee    Julie Miller
    Clothes Closet and Community Outreach   Jessica Duda
    New Parent Support    Shawna Koch, Carmine Mann & Leigh Bagley
    Parent Advisory Council Representative   Rebecca Isaac
    Safe Routes to School    Sean Barb & Tate Evans
    School Tours   Shawna Koch
    Sherwood Shares   Christina Anderson                                                           
    Sunshine Committee   Malery Copen
    School Events 

    Career Fair    Chrissy Sergiacomi
    Commencement   Rebecca Isaac & Jaime Gallimore 
    Field Day   Cecily Throckmorton
    Fitness/Dental/Vision Screening   Allison Chapple
    Reflections   Janet Mistor & Annie Mayo                                                                 
    Science Fair   David Wren
    Yearbook   Susan Conway
    Daddy Daughter Dance   Amy Calicott & Rebecca Isaac 
    Mother Son Event   Conner Evans                                  
    Fundraising Events

    Coin Drive   Jordan Calaway & Becky Reynolds
    Family Fun Night    Susan Conway
    Food For Funds   Lisa Breeding
    Book Fair   Tara Phillips & Jennifer Powell
    Original Works   Rachel Adams & Annie Mayo                                                              
    Skatehaven Nights    Ashley Quarless
    Spirit Sales    Conner Evans & Whitney Webster                                               



Last Modified on August 18, 2019