• Teacher: Sabrina Barfield, Room 012

    Phone Number: 703-4222

    Email: sbarfield@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    Jefferson Middle School


    Syllabus: Computer Skills & Applications I


    Digital Literacy

    This module is web-based e-learning designed to teach basic computer concepts and skills in order to be successful with technology in everyday life.  The module covers these topics: Computer Basics, Internet and the World Wide Web, Productivity Programs (software fundamentals), Computer Security and Privacy, and Digital Lifestyles.


    Keyboarding Module 1 ~ Alpha Keys

    This module is designed to teach basic keying skills, consisting of fluent manipulation of all alphabetic letters.

    Keyboarding Module 2 ~ Number/Symbol and Numeric Keypad

    This module is designed to teach basic keying skills, consisting of fluent manipulation of all numeric keys as well as the symbols and the numeric keypad.


    Keyboarding Module 3 ~ Building Speed and Accuracy

    This module is designed to increase keyboarding speed and accuracy when using the touch method.  Emphasis is on daily use of a computer system, speed and accuracy skill building techniques.

    Timed Writing Goals:  25-wpm/95% accuracy and graduated goals based on skill and ability.


    Word Processing Basics and Business Correspondence ~ WORD

    This module is designed to teach the basic skills in word processing as well as document formatting rules for letters, memorandums and emails in the business community


    Word Processing Basics and Business Correspondence

    This module is designed to teach the advanced skills in word processing and document formatting for advanced business documents such as: agendas, minutes, research reports and resumes. 


    Note: Each of the modules above will take the student approximately 15 class periods to complete. Emphasis in each module is on the daily use of a computer system and appropriate software to provide integrated training through a learn/practice/sustain/assess plan of skill building.



    BFIT” Computer Lab

    Make Up Schedule:

    Days allowed for making up missed work:

    Students will be allowed two class periods for each day they miss class assignments. If possible students should complete missed assignments at home.

    Make-Up or Tutoring: Tuesday afternoon~ 2:00-3:00 p. m.

    Also each morning ~ 7:00-7:30 (Make-up pass required from home room teacher)

    Grading Scale










    59 and below


    *You may check Powerschool Parent Portal for student’s progress or check their agenda. A hardcopy progress report will be sent upon your request.


    Student Supplies Wish List                                                                               


    1 inch to 1 ½ inch three ring binder with clear plastic cover pocket (May share this binder with another class)


    Pencil bag should include several pencils, colored pens, and highlighters.


    Sheets of notebook paper


    8 pack of dividers (optional)


    Flash Drive (Optional)


    Ear buds 


    Teacher's Supplies: Hand sanitizer, tissues, and disinfecting wipes.  Thanks 


    Internet Access:


    Students will be accessing the Internet throughout this year. The policy of the WSFCS School Board is that all students may access the Internet during class time unless there is a request from their parent/guardian on file stating that the student may not participate. These forms are available from me upon your request. 

    Resources: DPI Curriculum Guide Internet, Microsoft XP Digital Camera, Micro-type and Smart-Board