• Teacher:  Sabrina Barfield, Rm. 012 
    Phone: 703-4222
    Email: sbarfield@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  

    Syllabus: Exploring Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship/EBME


    Unit A ~ The Nature of Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship

    BU01.00         Understand principles of business.

    BU01.01      Understand the purpose and functions of businesses.

    BU01.02      Compare the main types of business organization:  sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and franchise.

    BU01.03      Classify business as profit-making or non profit-making, and service, product or combination.

    BU02.00         Understand economics and economic systems.

    BU02.01      Compare different types of economic systems:  traditional, free enterprise,

                      Command and mixed.
    BU02.02      Interpret supply and demand graphs.

    BU02.03      Explain how the Federal Reserve, Stock Market and e-commerce impact the US economy.

    BU02.04      Understand the United States’ economic system.

    BU03.00         Understand the concept of entrepreneurship.

    BU03.01      Recall personal characteristics and skills needed for a successful entrepreneur.

    BU03.02      Understand entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process.

    BU03.03      Understand the procedures and requirements for starting a business.




    Unit B ~ Business Career Exploration

    BU04.00         Understand business activities and careers.

    BU04.01      Understand finance activities and careers.

    BU04.02      Understand business management activities and careers.

    BU04.03      Understand information technology activities and careers.

    BU04.04      Understand marketing activities and careers .

    BU04.05      Understand small business management and entrepreneurship activities and careers.

    BU05.00         Understand appropriate business procedures.

    BU05.01      Understand appropriate business etiquette and business communication.
    BU05.02      Understand ethics and ethical decision-making.

    BU06.00         Understand requirement for seeking, gaining, and maintaining


    BU06.01      Understand skills required for seeking employment.

    BU06.02      Understand procedures for gaining employment.

    BU06.03      Understand behaviors required for maintaining employment.

    BU07.00         Understanding leadership and team-building.

    BU07.01      Understand leadership.

    BU07.02      Understand team-building.



    2.03 Federal Reserve, Stock Market and E-Commerce
    Investing in the Stock Market - Money Instructor http://www.moneyinstructor.com/stocks.asp
    Stock Market Think Quest Guide - http://library.thinkquest.org/3096/2types3.htm
    Make Up Schedule:

    Days allowed for making up missed work:

    Students will be allowed two class periods for each day they miss class assignments. If possible students should complete missed assignments at home.

    Make-Up or Tutoring: Tuesday afternoon~ 2:00-3:00 p. m.

    Also each morning ~ 7:00-7:30 (Make-up pass required from the home room teacher)

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    Student Supplies Wish List                                                                               


    1 inch to 1 ½ inch three ring binder with clear plastic cover pocket (May share this binder with another class)


    Pencil bag should include several pencils, colored pens, and highlighters.


    Sheets of notebook paper


    8 pack of dividers (optional)


    Flash Drive 


    Ear buds


    Teacher's Supplies Wish List: Hand Sanitizer, tissues, and disinfecting wipes


    Internet Access:


    Students will be accessing the Internet throughout this year. The policy of the WSFCS School Board is that all students may access the Internet during class time unless there is a request from their parent/guardian on file stating that the student may not participate. These forms are available from me upon your request.

    Resources: DPI Curriculum Guide Internet, Microsoft XP Digital Camera, and Smart-Board