• 8th Grade Syllabus

    8th Grade Syllabus

    MATTER: Properties and Change


    8P1 Understand the properties of matter and changes that occur when matter interacts in an open and closed container


    ENERGY:  Conservation and Transfer


    8P2 Explain the environmental implications associated with the various methods of obtaining, managing, and using energy resources


    EARTH SYSTEMS:  Systems, structures and Processes


    8E1 Understand the hydrosphere and the impact of humans on local systems and the affect of hydrosphere on humans


    EARTH HISTORY:  Land and Life Evolution


    8E2  Understand the history of the Earth and its life forms based on the evidence of change recorded in fossil record and landforms


    LIFE SCIENCE: Diseases and their impact


    8L1 Understand the hazards caused by agents of disease that effect living organisms


    8L2 Understand how biotechnology is used to affect living organisms


    ECOSYSTEMS: Ecosystems and their structure


    8L3Understand how organisms interact with and respond to the biotic and abiotic components of their environment


    EVOLUTION: Change of Life over time


    8L4 Understand the evolution of organisms and landforms based on evidence, theories and processes that impact the Earth over time



    MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: How Cells create energy, grow, and repair themselves


    8L5 Understand the composition of various substances as it relates to their ability to serve as a source of energy and building materials for growth and repair of organisms




    Student will also be challenged to successfully pass the Science End of Grade Test in May.