• Materials: 
    - 3-ring binder          - pencils       - loose-leaf paper
    -pens      -colored pencils       -dividers                                       
    Students will be keeping a 3-ring binder for social studies class.  Inside of the 3-ring binder will be sections to help students learn organizational skills.  All classwork and homework should be completed in pencil!!!!  Students will need to bring loose-leaf paper for assignments that need to be turned in.  

    Late Work Policy For Social Studies
    Assignments will have points taken off for being turned in late.  Unexceptable or incomplete assignments that are turned in will be returned to the student to be re-done.
    Grading Scale
    A  100-90
    B   89-80
    C   79-70
    D   69-60
    F   59-0