• In order to provide all the students in the classroom the excellent learning climate they deserve, our classroom expectations are:  1) Be Respectful (use correct voice level, follow directions, keep hands/feet/objects to yourself) 2) Be Responsible (follow all classroom and school rules, be prepared for class with assignments and supplies) 3) Be Independent (participate in classroom activities, put forth your best effort).
    Children will fill out their planners each day, and I will initial them.  Parents, please check this planner daily and sign it as well.  This way you will know what work your child is supposed to be completing, and you can help make sure it gets completed.  One helpful hint, if your child continually says, "I don't have any homework", please ask him/her to show you the planner and completed assignments.  In addition, if your child is spending long periods of time everyday on homework, please notify me so we can discuss the situation. 

    I expect each child to have all homework completed when it is due; however, I understand that emergencies do occur which make it impossible for your child to complete his/her work.  If this happens, all I ask is that you send an email or a note explaining the situation or leave a message with the office, and I will give your child more time to complete the assignment(s).