• Syllabus French 3


    Laurel Lokant

    Français III

    Parkland High School

    e-mail: llokant@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

    phone: 771-4700 after 4:00 pm


                            Course Description

    Students will continue learning the fundamentals of French through speaking, reading, writing and listening. This course will include communication skills, presentations in French, French grammar and spelling. Students will learn how to speak about events in the present, past, and future and build upon skills learned in French II. Students are expected to participate, study, and complete all work on time in French! Students are expected to speak in French.


    Required supplies:


    Pen or pencil



    flash drive

    Optional (but recommended): markers, 3x5 index cards to make flash cards



    1.      Bring all materials (book, workbook, binder, paper, pencil or pen) to class daily.

    2.      Be respectful of teacher and students.

    3.      Be responsible for yourself and your own learning.

    4.      Be cooperative.

    5.      Put all food, candy, gum, drinks and cell phones away.



    1.      Verbal warning, student conference, parent contact, after school detention, D-1.



    1.      Enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner on time!

    2.      Sit in your assigned seat and take out needed materials.

    3.      Store bookbags,etc under your desk out of the aisles

    4.      Begin warm up assignment immediately.


    Grading:                                                                                                                                Grading Scale:

    Tests/Quizzes 50%                                                                                                                  93-100 A

    Oral Presentations 20%                                                                                                           85-92   B

    Classwork/Homework  20%                                                                                                   77-84   C

    Participation  10%                                                                                                                   70-76   D

    0-69           F



    Final Grade: Exam counts as 25% of your total grade. You will have a mid-term and a final exam.


    Tutoring: I am available for Tutoring Tuesdays after school from 3:45-4:30. Please make an appointment with me before that day to make sure I will be available. Every tutoring session you come to will give you 2 extra points on your next quiz/test. Tutoring is not just for homework help, but skills reinforcement.


    Pacing: We will be covering a chapter every 2-3 weeks with frequent test/quizzes. Please make every effort to be in class every day. This class will be conducted in French.

    • Active participation  in class in French is expected and required. Group work, partner activities and in-class presentations are expected. It requires effort on your part.
    • Students are expected to complete all homework assignments outside of class. Homework is assigned almost every night. Check the homework chart for assignments.
    • Students are expected to speak French at all times or ask for needed vocab in French!!
    • Late work will not be accepted!!!
    • Students have 1 day to make up missed work for excused absences. Please check with classmates about missed assignments and check the make up box for missing worksheets. Test/Quizzes can be made up before or after school or during lunch with advance notice by YOU. Failure to make up work will result in a ZERO.
    • Progress reports will be sent home via e-mail and print every 3 weeks. It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your progress.
    • Students are not allowed to leave the room for any reason during class. Take care of personal needs before class begins.
    • Extra Credit is rarely offered. I DO NOT give extra credit for assignments not done.