• Syllabus IB French  ( IV/V/VI)

    Materials Required:

    1. Binder with dividers strictly for French!
    2. Verb book/ good French dictionary  for use at home
    3. Highlighter
    4. Sketchbook for ongoing Inquiry Notebook project.

    ALL WORK WILL BE IN FRENCH- oral and written. You will be expected to make several presentations in French and participate in class discussions in French.


    Themes to be covered throughout this 2 year course: Communication/Media, Science/Technology, Customs/Traditions, Global Issues, Social Relationships, Health, Leisure, and Cultural Diversity

                Core Themes: Global Issues, Social Relationships, Communication/Media

                Options Themes: Science/Technology, Customs/Traditions, Health, Leisure,  

                                              Cultural Diversity                                                                    


    Students will be expected to communicate orally and in writing at an advanced level, and acquire information through reading, writing, listening and research of authentic documents.



                Grading will use the IB rubric in order to get comfortable with the system.

    The rubric is as follows:

    7 Excellent                 A (100)                                  

    6 very good                A- (93)

    5 good                        B  (89)

    4 satisfactory             C  (79)

    3 mediocre                 D  (70)

    2 weak                        F  (65)

    1 very weak                F ( 50)


    Grading Policies:

    Test/quizzes: 50%

    Oral Assessments: 20%

    Classwork/homework: 20%

    Inquiry Notebook: 10%

                Grading is holistic- in accordance with IB standards. You will be graded according to the IB rubrics, but your quarter grade will be judged on performance and growth.

        Skill building will also be an important aspect of class. We will do daily warm ups for a grade. We will also have quizzes on vocabulary and grammar concepts to fine tune our ability to use French.


    Assessments will be scored on the following criteria:

     Internal: Productive skills, interactive and receptive skills.

     External: Paper 2- Language, Message and Format

                   Written Assignment: Language, Content, Format, Rationale

    Rubrics will be handed out. You must refer to them often.



    Interactive Internal Assessments: These are performed in class throughout the senior year. They can be presentations, skits, debates and more. You will be informed when the assignment will be an internal assessment. The best mark is turned in for 10% of your final IB mark.


    Individual Oral Assessment:

    The Individual Oral will take place in late February and counts as 20% of your IB mark. This consists of a 15 minute prep time in which you choose one of two pictures based on the “options” themes and talk about it. You will speak for 3-4 minutes, followed by questions from me about your topic for 5-6 minutes.


    External Assessments:


    Written Assignment: Done in March. Counts as 20% of final mark.100 word rationale followed by a 300-400 word essay based on the following themes: Social Relationships, Global Issues, Communications and Media. This takes place in class, in an exam setting over 2 class periods, lasting 3-4 hours. Three resources are provided.


    Paper 1 and Paper 2: Given in May. Counts as 50% of final mark. Paper 1 is text handling based on the 3 core themes and paper 2 is an essay 250-400 words based on the option themes.


    Useful Websites:
















    http://www.uni.edu/becker/french31.html (this site is so packed full of info, you could spend hours here)